Thursday, July 4, 2013

Angels in Black And White

Following our prior posts, we continue with the photography and poetry book-publishing concept.  In this post the focus will be directed towards black and white photography.

This is a concept in photography that has transcended through the ages since photography was invented. Black and white photography is an unbelievable technique which has established itself in the most influential method of expression in our history and society. This is an amazing fact, since we all see the world in colors and everything today it has to be high definition.

The black and white photography digs deeper in the mind and soul of the audience, especially when the human eye can only see colors in a range of 3 percent and 97 percent in black and white.

Having this information in hand can help you and define your audience in an unimaginable way. Knowing some statistics in the visual limitation history can improve your expansion towards a more diverse audience.

For example, we have millions of our brothers and sisters in the world that suffer from a variety list of visual disabilities or different variations of color blindness such as:

 · Red-green deficiencies (most common category)
                        I. Protanopia and protanomaly are red deficiencies.
               II. Deuteranopia and deuteranomaly are green deficiencies.

· Tritanopia is a less common deficiency and it is based on the color blue deficiency.

· Rod monochromacy or achromacy it is the most extreme case of color blindness in which no color is visible at all.

Having the human eye capabilities of differencing in the amount of light and darkness we can perceive, black and white will be your key point of visual communication to a bigger mass. Just remember shoot in colors, but know your:

  • Compositions
  • Color ranges
  • Especially your gamma ranges 

Make them part of your daily work till it becomes second nature.

Using this information not just for an advantage to expand your market, but to also understand and share our visions with others can set your work apart from others.

On our next post, we will provide some tips to acquire better techniques to use in your black and white photography.

Stay close to the Tainted Angels and remember to have…

“Expressions Without Limits”

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