Saturday, July 4, 2015

Equality for All

Hypocrisy is all around us. We love watching two women or two men having sexual relations for self-gratification behind closed doors, but then we judge and humiliate them in public. Why this is such a problem? This only proves more and more the ignorance and two-face standards.

Homosexuality is a topic fought for ages. Unfortunately, we hear and see hatred, rejection, generalization, misunderstanding, and most of all the ignorance about it. There is proof of the same sex selection and pairing in hundreds of species worldwide. Experimenting attraction and desire to love our same sex it is not rare to do or live to. Believing that being homosexual is a “choice” it is of great ignorance. We do not choose to be Latinos, black, white, Asians, disables, or geniuses. We are born the way we are born without any choice to do so.

Day by day we encounter constant hatred and ignorance about race, sexual attraction, religion, social level, etc. When would be over these issues that prove nothing but the segregation of society. The time to eliminate all of these issues is way over due. Loving, understanding, but most of all acceptance of who they are and who we are it is the evolution to follow. Becoming one will promote survival and peace. Just as in the beginning of civilization body modifications symbolized the evolution of our civilization through art. This became a signature for who and what we are. Not comparing the evolution of body arts to who we are as humans, but a beginning to understanding with simplicity.

 When we call others derogative names or act violently towards them or behind closed doors do not proves anything, but clarifies who we really are internally as a person. Giving others the respect we all deserve will return the respect back to us. This will bring a better future one step at the time. Let us grow and evolve as a specie that understands and believes in human race as a caring and acceptable race. Let us stop all of those negative name calling to our brothers and sisters that trust and believe in us no matter of our sexual preference, race, ethnicity, religion, believes. We own them the same love, respect, and understanding.

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