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Tainted Angels....The Alternative Modeling Genre

In today’s society, indifference and rejection become fuel to most of us. The image of beauty in our so-called “mainstream” or public eye, to be more direct, causes many to undermine skin art (in addition to body alterations). This art has surfaced from the underground and started to make its voice heard. Since 2001 few agencies have had the courage to fight this discrimination. What we are about to establish here in the Central Florida Area is a new type of agency and movement in the fashion and music world.
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 In our previous blog we talked about models with skin art or tattoos and body modification. This group will be a forefront of a tattoo movement -- it will be known as the “Tainted Angels.” The group will empower itself, venting forth anger and frustration, while artistically presenting a variety of shows to the world. They will show that the same capabilities and skills of the mainstream performers and or models without prejudice.

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Tainted Angels will be the key point for many to express their love for the arts. Music and modeling are the foundation for the Tainted Angels. The vast array of music genres and diverse visual expressions of the members will be presented to clubs, television stations and many other venues for the single or group exposure of their work.

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This type of movement has not been integrated to the mainstream fully. A small portion of it has been shown in television, tattoo conventions, and music festivals nationwide. Many agencies specializing in models with tattoos and body modifications are not established in the United States. Agencies like NY Body Art, Wicked Talent, Tattoo Models Wanted, HV Agency, and others are not exposed as they should be, due to their models that are considered tainted with skin art and body modifications.
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In countries like England, Lithuania, Yugoslavia and other countries do not reject the body decoration or alteration as it is in our society here in the United States. Agencies like the Spirit Models and New Blood Models are just some of the main agencies that fully support models with tattoos and body alterations abroad. 
These agencies offer assistance to many venues here in the United States, because of the lack of modeling agencies with tattooed models.

In Vividly Visions Productions the “Tainted Angels” are not just an idea, but also a voice for the alternative lifestyle genre.

Let your voice be heard!

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