Saturday, March 23, 2013

EclécticO International Inc..........!!!

“…Making the arts accessible national and international”

The Tainted Angels and Vividly Visions it’s been blessed today as we have joined the efforts and vision of EclécticO International Inc. a non-profit organization based in Puerto Rico. Their vision and hard work is driven towards the education and passion for kids and adults with disabilities. 

From their start they encounter many obstacles and prejudice towards them and the ones they hold hands with in this society that looks down or misunderstood the ones with a “disability” or learning disabilities.  
Equal to the mantra of Vividly Visions and the Tainted Angels, Ecléctico International believes in the same principals as we do: no prejudice, love, compassion, understanding and education of the arts to the ones that don’t believe in equality and are ignorant about the lives of others not equal to theirs.
Ecléctico International has been a groundbreaking group, as we do not see them as an organization, but a unification of believers. Breaking the barriers of limitations for the hard of hearing, blind and other physical and mental disabilities, Ecléctico International is making everything possible to have what we take for granted and overlook what they have in their every day lives accessible for this kids and adults.

Here is Tony Torres, one of the members a creative and motivational force behind Ecléctico International. He is a person that loves the arts and entertainment industry as well as the beautiful art of tattooing. Tony is one of the members that have encounter obstacles in his life do to his Spinal Bifida condition. Tony has never given up as he sees the world as a pool of opportunities and wisdom as he becomes part of many kid’s lives that feel misunderstood and isolated because of their conditions.
Implementing translators for sign language, audio representation and many other accessibility tools for the ones with obstacles in physical and mental development. With over 1 million people with disabilities in the Island of Puerto Rico, Ecléctico International is moving forward to a place where everyone can enjoy the company and development of each other in the arts and entertainment.

 Creating shows and school programs, Ecléctico International has become an international voice for everyone involved and lives with our brothers and sisters with developmental challenges. From the little Island of Puerto Rico to England, from Mexico to Brazil, from Germany to the United States… Ecléctico International is here to educate and access the potential of every single living being.

"Ecléctico making the arts accessible"

If you believe in this dream and have someone in your life or know of any one with a physical or mental development challenge come and join with understanding  the voice of eclécticO Int., Inc.

“Atrévete” … “Dare”

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