Saturday, June 15, 2013

Stand Out

It is amazing how society being so “rational” and “acceptable” of everyone today, has become a mockery or a slap on the face filled with hypocrisy.

As many of us decide to decorate or alter our bodies with skin art, piercings and other more drastic alterations, “Our” society looks down and judges those who decided to take part of the vast population of skin art and body modification aficionados and lovers.

 The art of tattooing and body alteration has been one of the most important social links throughout human evolution. 

From our ancient cultures decorating their bodies with ink, branding, and other body alterations to demonstrating their social status, to our current cultures around the world the skin arts are part of us. 

If these facts are captured in every corner of the world throughout books, images, temples, religions, and so many other mediums, why do societies and cultures push and judge us?

 Having a so-called professional, clean and presentable image is the standard and the ones with body modifications and decorations are looked at as lower, mediocre, uncivilized and “dangerous” citizens. 

We see that those with the “standard or acceptable” look in our society are not as different as us, possibly are not as good as they seem to look.

Having our bodies decorated, has always been a self-expression for love, passion, status and achievements in our human evolution; this does not determine a destructive and criminal mental state of mind.

Many can relate to a judgment, mockery, prejudice or even prosecution just because of their love for the arts.

These are the reasons why “Tainted Angels” is shouting out loud… 

“Unite against ignorance and prejudice. Let’s express our love for the skin arts and show the beauty of it with passion, understanding and creativity.”

Let us stop prejudice once and for all and hold creativity as our weapon for expression. Never let words hurt you; express yourself without limits with the TAINTED ANGELS.

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