Sunday, June 16, 2013

Skilled Angels

In our last blog we talked about self-printing. In this post we are going to give you a few tips and websites that can and will help you raise the bar in your own work.

So you want to get better at your work and projects?

Here are some sites that without a doubt will help you increase your skills in your art. You can find anything in these sites from reverb use to equalization tips and tricks.

The websites are full of information about any topic you can imagine. has all types of tutorials of audio, video, photo manipulation, business tips, social networking and marketing, self-publishing, eBook creation, and hundreds of other types and forms of tutorials.

Sites like,, and will help you with your photo manipulation skills.

If business is your niche, then you can look into sites like,,,, and

You will find lots of information that will help you in starting and or grow your business and brand.

With the help of these sites you can gather some of the best information, tips and tricks of the industry you dream of being part of. The information that you will acquire will be top shelve quality.
We have used all of them as part of our personal and professional tool kits. The results are beyond expectation. Having places where the information, tutorials, tips and tricks are at your fingertips for a professional or personal use for your projects is without a doubt an amazing tool to have.

Been aware of the latest in technology, procedures, techniques, do’s and don’ts of the business industry, will set you apart of the rest. Practice and attain as much information and skills as possible.

As it is part of the Tainted Angels… Expressions without Limits… should be your mantra.

Only you can limit yourself.

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