Monday, June 17, 2013

Angels on Demand

You want to publish your thoughts and experiences, maybe your pictures or poetry.

 ------- Melting -------
By David Torres

Slowly I crawl through this dusty road to a place I thought it was forsaken.
I find myself crawling under the melting sky blending away my melting eyes.
How did I found this other abyss on my path?
How can I survive another fall?
How can I........?
My feet’s are numb, I can't no more.
Why I didn't stop?
Why I follow this blur heart shape box inside of me?
When it's feel with the fear that took her away.
And now, it took me away again.
Just a place to recharge your ego?
Just one to make you feel where you go.
Why I open this heart shape box once again?
Knowing that it's full.
Knowing that no one can empty this heart shape box.
She tries, but put back something more.
She begs for forgiveness.
I just get on my knees....
I start to crawl ones again over this dusty road.
I start to crawl over the melting sky.
I feel the blending ones more of my melting eyes and the sky.
I was right. This place is forsaken...
Forsaken for me...
I can't find it...
I can't feel it...
I start to melt with the melting sky....

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